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Really good product and clever idea. Great affordable alternative to putting screws in your boat’s transom. The owner of Stern Saver is really an honest guy who believes in his product and will make sure you are satisfied. I put the glue in water that was about 110 degrees F and the glue came out fine. Watch the video of how to install as it works that simple.

– Larry: New Johnsonville, TN 4/8/14

Good product, very simple to install. One warning: on the instructions it says to submerge the epoxy applicator in warm water for five minutes to make it easier to use. Do NOT use water that is too warm or let the applicator sit in the water for too long. Just as I was finishing applying the epoxy the applicator broke, leaking the epoxy out the sides. Luckily I didn’t lose too much epoxy, and I also had some 3M 5200 handy to finish the job.

– David: Atkinson, NH

Great simple product, that is solid.  These boys have thought of everything, and although it seems expensive, it saves running around looking for all the components, and the video is a great guide for setting up and installing.  Definitley recomend.  ONly minus was that there was no template found in the kit.  Simple fix with a rule and a pencil.  Testing under pressure tomorrow so far so good.

– Cam: Australia

This is a great product. Changed my sonar unit out last year however there was a differnt hole patter for the new transducer and I didn’t want to redrill holes. Tried a bunch of ways to mount it however nothing seemed to work. Saw this product on the web and decided to give it a try. Really easy to install and no new holes in my boat. I highly recommend this product.

– Jim: DE

Great product. I bought this for my Zodiac and used it to instal a transducer on my transom. Super easy to install and it isnt going anywhere. Comes with everything you need to install it, a little on the pricey side but way better than drilling holes in your boat!

– Dan: Nor Cal

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